Flash gallery

Several swatches of Flash animations will be shown in this sections.

You can also view my ONLINE PORTFOLIO (PDF).

“Duende” Flash animations

The animation below was created for the first website I designed in 2002 from the company logo (a guesthouse, called “Duende” —Elf—), animating the character, chasing a butterfly, until he is placed on top of the house forming the pre-existing logo.

Koala International Flash animations

The following animations were created for Koala International, the corkscrews and wine products company. Many animations were included in the first website I designed for this prestigious company, a sample of which can be accessed in this same website and on my YouTube channel.

Click on the thumbnails and the buttons to watch the interface.

Hover on the different colors to change the appearance of the corkscrews.

Hover on the different elements of the head of corkscrew to show their description.

Click on the tabs (above) to display the contents of each section.